Cornell University

  • Teaching Assistant, Structure of Information Networks (Spring 2018)
    1. Held office hours, graded problem sets, guided course projects, and gave three lectures on: (a) Modeling Diffusion and Overexposure in Viral Marketing, (b) Can Cascades be Predicted? Virality and Growth in Cascades, and (c) Resource Allocation Problems in Social Networks
  • Graduate Resident Fellow, Alice Cook House (Fall 2016-Spring 2017)
  • Harvard University

  • Tutor, Cabot House (Fall 2014-Spring 2015)
  • Teaching Fellow, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (Spring 2013)
  • Course Assistant, Freshman Seminar: Calculating Pi (Fall 2011)
  • Course Assistant, Freshman Seminar; Calculating Pi (Fall 2010)
  • University of Chicago

  • Teaching Assistant, Linear Algebra and Combinatorics (Summer 2013)
  • Graduate Research Supervisor: supervised three research projects for students enrolled in the summer REU below. (Summer 2013)
    1. Probabilistic analysis of information sharing protocols (presentation at QCrypt 2014) [PDF]
    2. Irreducible representations of the symmetric group [PDF]
    3. Book-embedding of k-partite graphs [PDF]

    I have extensive experience with graduate-level coursework in computer science and mathematics, and I have also completed graduate minors in economics and sociology. I am thus prepared to teach a wide range of graduate-level courses, including those aimed at students with diverse disciplinary perspectives. At the same time, I have worked closely with undergraduate students in a variety of contexts, and I would be excited to apply that experience to teaching foundational and introductory courses. Please see my CV for a complete list of my coursework.