I am a computer science researcher broadly working in the fields of algorithms and AI, with a focus on their applications to social good. My research uses algorithmic, computational, and network-based insights to improve access to opportunity for historically underserved and disadvantaged communities. As part of this research mission, I co-founded the Mechanism Design for Social Good (MD4SG) initiative with Kira Goldner, which I co-organize with Irene Lo.

I am currently a computer science Ph.D. candidate at Cornell University, where I am advised by Jon Kleinberg. I am a member of the AI, Policy, and Practice Initiative and an affiliate of the Center for the Study of Inequality. My work is informed by insights from economics and sociology. I also work closely with domain experts from various government and non-government organizations. Throughout 2019, I will be serving on the NIH Advisory Committee to the Director working group on AI.

I will be joining the Harvard Society of Fellows as a Junior Fellow starting Fall, 2019.

Short Bio: I was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia -- home to Lucy, a more sensible time convention, its own alphabet, the birthplace of coffee, and 13 months of sunshine. I am a proud graduate of the Ethiopian National Curriculum. I am passionate about increasing representation and inclusion of marginalized communities in computing and I am a co-founder of Black in AI.