Welcome to the Spring 2003 Student Gallery page of the CS490 Computer Game Design project. The final projects below are computer games resulting from student collaborations in computer science, fine arts and music. Students were challenged to think critically about their game ideas, as well as developing the artwork, music and technical content for their games. The games were regularly critiqued with their peers and improved throughout the semester. A final collaboration with Prof. David Borden, and students in the Department of Music, resulted in musical scores and sound effects being included in most final projects. Many of these games were presented at BOOM 2003 (Bits On Our Minds) and at the Spring Final Game Exhibit event in May 2003. Instructors: Rama C. Hoetzlein (CS & Fine Arts alumn), Prof. David Schwartz (CS), Prof. David Borden (visiting, Dept. of Music)
  Many thanks to all the students, in all disciplines, who participated in the Fall '02 and Spring '03 semester projects. (-Rama)


  Student Gallery - Spring 2003 (NEW)  

Click on an image below for individual game descriptions, more game images, and game instructions.
Projects were all implemented in C++ using the open source graphics engine GameX (R. Hoetzlein) unless otherwise noted.

  Part 1  
    Midnight Dawn
    Team Members: Lorraine Pace (CS), Loraine Sydney de Lapeyrouse (Music), Daniel Ho (CS), Eric Holmberg-Weidler (CS), Louis Lu (CS)
    An expert theif must make her way into a gallery to steal the Mona Lisa. Watch out for the guards!
    (7,799 kb)
    Nuts of Justice  
    Team Members: Jonathan Lyons (CS), Greg Poucher (CS), Bill Barksdale (CS), Chihiro Fukami (CS), Tom Ikari (Art)  
    Dueling squirrels fight it out by collecting as many nuts as they can and hurling them at one another.  
    (2,848 kb)  

The 10th Life

  Team Members: Dave Lin (CS), Dustin Shultz (CS), Andrew Gould (CS), Joseph Egbulefu (CS), Sunil Annapareddy (CS), Brad Wilson (Art)
  A pet detective agent must travel through dark infernal lands.. All for a cat!
  (1,555 kb)
            Part 2        
    Animal Quest  
  Team Members: Nikita Pavlov (CS), Brandon Irizarry (CS)
  A hero battles evil mushrooms, crosses rivers and forests, and makes his way through lava filled dungeons.
  (4,384 kb)
    Bob's World  
    Team Members: Simon Leet (CS)  
    Bob's soul has seperated from his body, and he has to get it back. Keep Bob out of danger by keeping his soul close to his body. (Flash project)  
    (3,224 kb)  
    Bomber Man  
  Team Members: Eugene Lee (CS), Richard Chung (CS)
  A remake of the classic Bomber Man arcade game, networked for multiple players.
  (1,914 kb)
    Dragon Breeder  
    Team Members: Jackie Bodine (CS), Laura Johnson (Art), Liz Xu (CS), Brad Wilson (Art), Alex Fierro (CS), David Klein (Music)  
    Dragon breeding is a difficult business. You must breed, nurture, feed, and train your dragons in a growing dragon economy. Keep a good journal, as dragon species popularity changes yearly. (Java project)  
    (6,841 kb).
You will need Java2 installed to play this game. Click here to download: http://java.sun.com/products/jdk/1.2/download.html
    Glorious Age  
  Team Members: Hwan-Ting Lee (CS), Jesse Chen (CS)  
  Army against army. This chess-style turn based game requires you to skillfully learn and apply the talents of each character.  
  (1,667 kb)  
    Sky Shooter  
    Team Members: Ang Pet Chean (CS)  
    Sky Shooter uses a unique object language to describe a wide range of ships, weapons and behaviors in this space shooter.  
    (2,238 kb)  
    Tank Game  
  Team Members: Gene Pang (CS), Zennard Sun (CS)  
  Players battle one another in tanks in this networked, multiplayer, 3D game. (OpenGL project)  
  (9,662 kb)  
    Veiled Ambitions  
    Team Members: AJ Fink (CS), Ryan Pijai (CS), Meredith Lynn (Art), John Westendorf (CS), Linda Nguyen (CS)  
    A boy with unique mental abilities is on a quest to unravel the mystery of the "shards" as he passes through many realms.  
    (9,907 kb)
(4,766 kb - Bonus Level)
    White Giant  
    Team Members: Thomas Wexler (CS - Ph.D), Ranjithkumar Rajagopalan (CS - Ph.D)  
    Swashbuckling space explorers take on various missions to improve their ship and defeat nearby enemies in this graphically impressive game. (DirectX project)  
    (12,673 kb)  
      RTS Sim  
      Team Members: Dylan Tong (CS)  
      Dylan Tong developed a generalized platfom for multi-player gaming over a managed peer-to-peer network using UDP. (Mech. Eng. 790)  

  How to Download and Play the Student Games Above  
  To download and play these games, follow these instructions:
  1) Click on the download button for one of the games above.
2) Choose "Run the program from its current location..." to start the download.
  3) When the download is complete, the install program will decompress and you will be asked to select an install location for the game. (If you are unsure where you want to install the game, just select your Desktop as the install folder - this will make it easy to find).
4) These games only work under 16-bit screen mode. To make sure you are in 16-bit mode, right click on a blank area of your Desktop and select Properties. Then select the Settings tab from the " Display Properties" window that appears.
  5) Choose "Colors: High Color (16 bit)" from the display settings panel and select Ok. You are now ready to start the game.
  6) Goto the folder where you installed the game from Step 3. (It may be on your Desktop)
7) Open the game folder. For any of the games, run the batch file called playgame.bat by double-click on this file. This will start the game!
8) Instructions for each game are provided by clicking on one of the images above.