Crypto Breakfast

Computer Science 7893
Cornell University
Fall 2008

Instructor: Rafael Pass

Time: W 9:15-11 *note the changed time*
Place: 4135 Upson


We read and discuss new and/or classical cryptography and/or complexity papers. Bagels and Danish are provided.


Some potential topics:

  • Imperfect Randomness and Deterministic Extractors
  • Black-box separations
  • Cryptography and Game Theory
  • Voting
  • Cryptography and Formal methods
  • Multi-party computation, Non-malleability and Composition
  • Privacy
  • Error correcting codes


Aug 28.               Discussing schedule

Sep 3.                 Cancelled

Sept 10.              Dustin                        Multi-source Extractors    

Sept 17.              Muthu                        Black-box separations

Sept 24.              Rachel                       Basing Cryptography on OT

Oct 1.                 Tom                          Attacks and Constructions of Hash functions

Oct 8.                 Michael                      Formal methods and ZK  

Oct 15.               Spring Break

Oct 22.               Michaela                    Database Privacy

Oct 29.               Michael                      Electronic Voting

Nov  5.               Vasu                          TBA

Nov 12.                                                                                        

Nov 19.

Nov 26.