a framework for rapid prototyping of traffic engineering systems


YATES is a software framework that makes it possible to rapidly prototype and evaluate the performance of traffic engineering systems. It provides including tools for modeling topologies, routing schemes, demands, prediction algorithms, and failures. YATES comes with two backends:

  • a network simulator that can estimate metrics such as link utilization, throughput, loss, latency, etc., and
  • an SDN-based implementation that can be used to validate results obtained via simulation and also provides an easy path to deployment.

YATES modular interface
  T = Topologies    P = Paths    H = Hosts 

  Demands         D ∈ (H × H) → ℝ
  Routing Scheme  S ∈ (H × H × P) → [0, 1]
  Algorithm       A ∈ (T × D × S) → S 


Cornell Cornell


USI USI Lugano


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