Pedro Henrique
Azevedo de Amorim

I am a first-year PhD. student at the Computer Science Department at Cornell University. Prior to that I was a research intern at MIT and UPenn where I worked, respectively, with Adam Chlipala and Stephanie Weirich

My research interests lie mainly in formal verification, programming language theory, and their intersection. In particular I'm interested in applications of Category Theory, Type Theory, Proof Assistants and Logic to programming languages.

Recently I've been interested in the semantics of higher-order probabilistic programming languages.

Office: 350 Gates Hall

August 2018 I started my PhD at Cornell!


A Specification for Dependently-Typed Haskell. Stephanie Weirich, Antoine Voizard, Pedro Henrique Azevedo de Amorim, and Richard A. Eisenberg. ICFP 2017, Oxford, UK [Paper]

Fall 2018 Teaching Assistant for CS4110 : Programming Languages and Logics