Molly Q Feldman


I'm a fourth year PhD candidate in the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University where I have the privilege to have Erik Andersen as my advisor. Haym Hirsh and François Guimbretière complete my special committee. I received my B.A. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Swarthmore College in May 2015 and my M.S. in Computer Science from Cornell in December 2018.


I research educational technology, focusing on how to provide better automated and human-based feedback for procedural disciplines, such as K-12 math and intro programming. As part of this work, we've built a system to automatically diagnose student misconceptions in K-12 math.

We are currently exploring ways to bridge the automated vs. human feedback gap by using human computation. I am also passionate about understanding how to better teach programming through better language and tool design. I am grateful to work with great collaborators on these projects!



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You can reach me at or @feldmanmolly.

I am from the beautiful, tiny state of Rhode Island, so I put together my place/food recommendations and my 1-day tour here.