A guide to pronouncing my name

Thank you for taking the time to learn how to pronounce my name! The below serves as a guide on how to do so, and also answers other FAQs related to my name.

Important Note: I really do not mind how my name is pronounced, as long as I (and others) can tell that you are referring to me. This is generally not a problem given the relative rarity of my first name 1. Honestly, I am doubtful if I myself pronouce it correctly 2. Nevertheless, I do get asked the question a lot, and hence this note.

What is the ground truth?
Based on how my first name is written in my native language Telugu — మిధుల్ 3 — the technically correct way to pronounce it is as follows:

What is an easy way to pronounce my name?
The above pronounciation of my name is typically very difficult for non South Indians (especially the "dh" part). The following is a non-exhaustive list of alternatives that many find easier (I have no particular preference):

What about my last name?
I prefer to go by just my first name. Given the relative rarity of my first name 1, my last name is largely unnecessary for identifying me in colloquial contexts, and often just creates unnecessary confusion.

Who is Midhul Varma?
That's me! Varma is actually my middle name. When I was younger, I would use it in place of my last name 4. In more recent years, I have stopped this practice, since the U.S. seems to be more strict about names matching those on official documents. While I have tried to make the necessary updates to ensure consistency, there still exists a large amount of digital footprint, including some older publications, where I am identified as Midhul Varma. I apologize for the confusion.

What does my name mean?
Midhul is an adapted version of the nickname of an ancient Hindu king.

  1. https://forebears.io/x/forenames/midhul
  2. As pointed out to me on multiple occasions by my beloved mother.
  3. I do not have any written proof of this. All of my documents including my birth certificate have my name written in english, possibly due to a certain empire colonizing my country for over 200 years.
  4. Because it is easier to spell, pronounce, and was less prone to mockery by my classmates in school :)