Simple, Sustainable Living

:: Workshop at CHI 2012, Austin, TX, USA ::
:: Sunday May 6, 2012 ::

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Accepted papers

Affecting Sustainable Living by Incorporating an Understanding of Time in the Lives of Digital Natives
Dawna I. Ballard, Matthew McGlone, and Keri K. Stephens
University of Texas at Austin, USA

Designing for Reflection, Sustainability and Simplicity
Rowanne Fleck
University College London, UK

Everyday Designers on Sustainability
Earl Friedberg and Edward Lank
University of Waterloo, Canada

Role of Reflection in Customization Behaviors
Mona Haraty, Joanna McGrenere, and Charlotte Tang
University of British Columbia, Canada

Ecofriends: Reflection with Technology
Elsa Kosmack Vaara, Anna Ståhl, Sara Borgström, and Jakob Tholander
Mobile Life Centre and Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden

Simplifying the complexity of driving range for electric vehicles
Anders Lundström, Cristian Bogdan, Filip Kis, Ingvar Ohlsson, and Lennart Fahlén
KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Tritech Technology AB, SICS-Swedish Institute for Computer Science, Sweden

Affective Health: a holistic view on how to share bodily data
Johanna Mercurio, Kristina Höök, Anna Ståhl, and Elsa Kosmack Vaara
Mobile Life Centre @ SICS, Sweden

Domestic Plant Guilds: A Novel Application for Sustainable HCI
Juliet N.P. Norton, Alex J. Stringfellow, and Joseph J. LaViola Jr.
University of Central Florida, USA

Ambient Persuasion towards Simple, Sustainable Living
Wolfgang Reitberger
Vienna University of Technology, Austria

The Complexity of Information for Sustainable Choices
Christian Remy and Elaine M. Huang
University of Zurich, Switzerland

Gimme Shelter: Implications of the Simple and the Humble in a Cardboard Fort in Context
Helen Sanematsu
Indiana University, USA

Norms, infrastructures, goals, and needs
M. Six Silberman
Bureau of Economic Interpretation, USA

Enterprise Social Media as a Barometer of Busyness
Jennifer Thom & David R. Millen
IBM T.J. Watson Research, USA

Edging Toward Sustainability
John C. Thomas
IBM T.J. Watson Research, USA

More than Simple Living: A Cultural Perspective on Sustainable Living
Dhaval Vyas
University of Twente, the Netherlands