Simple, Sustainable Living

:: Workshop at CHI 2012, Austin, TX, USA ::
:: Sunday May 6, 2012 ::

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Maria Håkansson is a postdoctoral research fellow in Information Science at Cornell University, and is a member of the Culturally Embedded Computing group. She has recently begun studying families living more simply to learn about their views on ICT and sustainability.

Gilly Leshed is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at Cornell University. Her recent work involves understanding everyday practices of busyness and designs that offer simplicity, slowness, and reflection. Gilly organized a NSF- sponsored symposium on the culture of busyness and IT in May 2011.

Eli Blevis is an Associate Professor of Informatics and director of the Human-Computer Interaction Design program of the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University, Bloomington. His scholarship and creative activity engages sustainable interaction design, design theory, visual thinking and digital imagery, and design challenge based learning.

Lisa Nathan is an Assistant Professor at SLAIS, the iSchool at the University of British Columbia. Her work investigates: 1) the design of information systems that address societal challenges, specifically those that are ethically charged and impact multiple generations (e.g., sustainability, war) and 2) information practices that influence how these systems adapt over time.

Samuel Mann is Associate Professor at Otago Polytechnic where he combines interaction design with his responsibility for education for sustainability across the institution. His recent book “The Green Graduate: Educating every student as a sustainable practitioner” posits a sustainable approach to every discipline.

Program committee

Phoebe Sengers is an associate professor at Cornell University and leads the Culturally Embedded Computing group. Her recent design-ethnographic fieldwork in a subsistence fishing village in Newfoundland highlights issues around simplicity, pace of life, and environmental sustainability.