Mahimna Kelkar

Email firstname [at] cs {dot} cornell (dot) edu
Location 305 Gates Hall

I am a second year Ph.D student in Computer Science at Cornell University. My current research interests are in applied cryptography and blockchain technology. I organize the Security and Privacy Discussion Group (SecDG) at Cornell.

I completed my undergrad at Purdue in 2018 where I majored in Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics. At Purdue, I was fortunate to be advised by both Professor Aniket Kate and Professor Elias Bareinboim

CV (last updated Aug 2018)


  • (2018) Sequence Embeddings using LSTM Networks: Applications to Cyber Security
    with Apurva Gandhi, Joey Ingram and Shawn Martin at Sandia National Labs
  • (2018) Flexible Signatures: Towards making authentication suitable for real time environments
    with Duc Le and Aniket Kate
    24th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS), 2019
    [proc]   [pdf]   [poster]

  • (2017) Regret Decision Theory
    Undergraduate Honors Project (Supervised by Elias Bareinboim)
    [pdf] [slides]
  • (2017) Counterfeit Mitigation using Blockchain Technology
    with Aniket Kate, Donghang Lu, Easvar Vivek Mangipudi, Pedro Monero Sanchez and Krutarth Rao
    Second Place Best Poster Award at CERIAS 2018


  • Fall 2018 (Cornell):   Head TA for CS 2800 (Discrete Structures)

  • Spring 2017 - Fall 2017 (Purdue):   TA for CS 25200 (Systems Programming)


  • (Summer 2018) Sandia National Labs
    Research Intern

  • (Summer 2017)
    Software Engineering Intern at AWS Lambda

  • (2016 - 2018) FlightProfiler LLC
    Chief Technology Officer