Lior Seeman
PhD Student
Department of Computer Science
Cornell University
 Cornell Tech
 111 8th Avenue #302
 New York, NY 10011
Email: lseeman at cs dot cornell dot edu

About Me:

I am a fifth year PhD Student at the Computer Science Department of Cornell University. I am privileged to be advised by Joe Halpern and Rafael Pass.
My research lies at the intersection of computer science, economics, social science and cognitive science. I am interested in using insights and techniques from one discipline to better understand and analyze concepts originating in other disciplines. More specifically, I have been working on using ideas from computational complexity to model people's bounded rationality, and use that to better understand their decision-making processes and social interactions.
I am also working on using insights from social network studies to develop novel algorithmic frameworks for information dissemination in social networks that leverage their inherent structural properties.


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