Kwanghyun Lim

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305 Gates Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853


I am a first year Ph.D. student in the Computer Science department at Cornell University. I am working with Prof. Immanuel Trummer and Prof. Chris De Sa on Databases and Machine Learning.

My current primary interests lie in Learned Indexing Structures and Large-Scale Machine Learning.


  • Alleviating Garbage Collection Interference through Spatial Separation in All Flash Arrays (USENIX ATC'19)
    Jaeho Kim, Kwanghyun Lim, Young-Don Jung, Sungjin Lee, Changwoo Min, and Sam H. Noh
  • WORT: Write Optimal Radix Tree for Persistent Memory Storage Systems (USENIX FAST'17)
    Se Kwon Lee, K. Hyun(Kwanghyun) Lim, Hyunsub Song, Beomseok Nam, and Sam H. Noh

  • Teaching

  • CS 2110 (Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures), Fall'18, TA, Cornell
  • CS 2110 (Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures), Spring'19, TA, Cornell