Joshua L. Moore
PhD Student
Department of Computer Science
350 Gates Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Email: jlmo at cs dot cornell dot edu

Taste Over Time: the Temporal Dynamics of User Preferences (ISMIR 2013)

About Me:
I am a fifth-year PhD student in Computer Science at Cornell University. I work on problems in machine learning and information retrieval, including music information retrieval and recommendation systems. In particular, my research explores the use of embedding methods for sequence modeling and data analysis in domains such as music and language. These methods can handle objects which have only contextual features, like co-occurrence statistics, that describe how they behave in sequences, even when the objects don't necessarily have easy explicit feature descriptions. As a result, we can easily form generative models of sequences of the objects, and we gain an explicit representation for the objects themselves which can then be used for data visualization and exploratory data analysis.

I am advised by Thorsten Joachims. Other members of my committee include Bobby Kleinberg in Computer Science and Wayne Harbert, the advisor for my PhD minor in Linguistics.

See for more information about my current work, as well as an interactive demo of our playlist generation method.

My work is supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.




Personal Interests:
Aside from the healthy interest in math and computer science in general that one would expect from a CS grad student, I am also passionate about foreign languages and music. I've spent a total of about 14 months living in Germany and know the language quite well. I've also spent some time studying (independently or otherwise and in decreasing order of competence) Spanish, French, Dutch, and Russian.

In my undergrad years, I was a volunteer DJ at WREK Atlanta, 91.1 FM, Georgia Tech's student run radio station. In March 2007 (during my freshman year), I created a radio show called Coffee and Sushi featuring a wide range of chill music (chillout/lounge/downtempo, deep house, bossa nova, and trip-hop) which is still running today.

Unfortunately, upon graduating from Georgia Tech I had to leave my show in the care of another DJ. I've since filled the resulting creative void by honing my skills as a house DJ (check here for newer mixes and here for some older ones).

I love to travel, and I also enjoy photography as a hobby. Check out my Picasa Gallery to see some of my photos.