Josh Schwartz

I am a graduate student in Computer Science at Cornell University, interested in problems in computer vision, machine learning, and optimization. Here at Cornell, I've been lucky enough to work with a great group of people, including my advisors Dan Huttenlocher and Ramin Zabih, along with my minor advisor David Shmoys in Operations Research.

Before I came to Cornell, I began my graduate studies at MIT CSAIL, working with Antonio Torralba on problems in 3D scene understanding. I spent my undergraduate years at the University of Chicago, where I worked with Pedro Felzenszwalb on shape recognition.

Outside of my research interests, I am interested in home coffee roasting (I actually help run the Bay Area coffee importer Coffee Shrub), molecular gastronomy, and athletics. Before I was a graduate student I was a moderately successful cyclist, though Ithaca winters have destroyed any dreams of world dominance I may have had. My most recent project is an emerging (yet unnamed) startup working on applying machine learning to biometric data from cyclists to find ways to make their training more efficient.