Possible Paper Topics

In principle, this project is not supposed to take longer than would preparation for a final exam.
The object is to demonstrate mastery of some recent research article at a level that could be used to explain to your peers in a roughly one hour lecture in (some future) class. In practice, this means finding some suitable punchline from the article, explaining why it's interesting and/or important, and outlining some minimal path to that result, providing any necessary background material necessary to understand the details along the way (with references, obtained either via literature search or web search). This can usually be done in about five typed pages (or more, handwritten), or in any other self-contained manner sufficient to convey to the instructor your mastery of the material.
The intent of the exercise is for the student to learn substantially more than would be possible just from preparing for a final exam, with the possibility for the instructor to assess the suitability of the topic for use in some future version of the course.