Florian Suri-Payer

PhD Candidate, Cornell University



I am a fourth year CS PhD student at Cornell University where I am fortunate to be advised by Lorenzo Alvisi and Natacha Crooks (UC Berkeley). Prior to grad school I completed my undergrad in CS at TU Berlin, Germany. Outside research, I am an avid tennis player and member of the Cornell Club Tennis team.


My passion lies in analytical thinking and formal rigor as applied to computing systems. My research addresses the design of large scale distributed systems, specifically efficient Byzantine fault tolerance, transaction processing and wide area replication. I am also interested in the use of Machine Learning to design systems to efficiently leverage distributed and on-demand learning. I aim to pursue foundational research that can actually be realized and deployed.

My current research focuses on building robust and efficient replication systems that provide strong consistency. More concretely, my ongoing research is concerned with Byzantine fault tolerant replication and in particular how to achieve (i) high degrees of parallelism and decentralization, (ii) expressive application interfaces, and (iii) separation of privacy and storage.


  • March '22: Joined UC Berkeley RISE Lab as visiting graduate student.
  • March '22: Completed PhD Candidacy exam.
  • Oct. '21: Presented Basil at SOSP'21!
  • Aug '21: Finished internship at the Confidential Computing Group @ Microsoft Research Cambridge.


"Basil: Breaking up BFT with ACID (transactions)". Florian Suri-Payer, Matthew Burke, Zheng Wang, Yunhao Zhang, Lorenzo Alvisi, Natacha Crooks. In Proceedings of the 28th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP'21). October 2021. [proceedings][talk-20min][Technical Report]

"Unsupervised Anomaly Event Detection for Cloud Monitoring Using Online Arima". Florian Schmidt, Florian Suri-Payer , Anton Gulenko, Marcel Wallschlager, Alexander Acker and Odej Kao. 2018 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing Companion (UCC Companion). December 2018. [proceedings]

"Unsupervised Anomaly Event Detection for VNF Service Monitoring Using Multivariate Online Arima". Florian Schmidt, Florian Suri-Payer, Anton Gulenko, Marcel Wallschlager, Alexander Acker and Odej Kao. 2018 IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom). December 2018. [proceedings]



  • CS 4420: Operating Systems (Spring 2020)
  • CS 4410: Operating Systems (Spring 2019)
  • CS 2110: Object Oriented Programming (Fall 2018)

TU Berlin

  • Algorithms and Datastructures (Summer 2018)
  • Discrete Structures (Winter 2017)
  • Computability and Complexity (Summer 2017)
  • Formal Languages and Automatons (Winter 2016)



  • ACM TOCS 2020

Reviewer Aide

  • OSDI 2020
  • SOSP 2019



  • Lorenzo Alvisi (Cornell)
  • Natacha Crooks (UC Berkeley)
  • Antoine Delignat-Lavaud (MSR Cambridge)
  • Cedric Fournet (MSR Cambridge)
  • Florian Schmidt (TU Berlin)


  • Daniel Weber (MEng, Cornell)
  • Haotian Shen (UGrad, UC Berkeley)
  • Zheng Wang (UGrad, Cornell)
  • Shivang Singh (UGrad, UC Berkeley)


  • Matthew Burke (Grad, Cornell)
  • Yunhao Zhang (Grad, Cornell)
  • Suyash Gupta (PostDoc, UC Berkeley)
  • Neil Giridharan (Grad, UC Berkeley)
  • Samyu Yagati (Grad, UC Berkeley)
  • Joanne Woodage (Senior Researcher MSR Cambridge)
  • Jeffrey Helt (Grad, Princeton)