Most are with my wife, Jane.

On Campus of Cornell
CU Name 
Big Slope


Trip to Niagara Falls (June, 2002):
A Small Fall


Trip to Chicago (Aug,2002):
Video( .wmv, pls download and enjoy):
 Morning-tea with friends (2MB, Aug 16, Chinatown)
  Air-show in Chicago  ( 75MB, Aug 17, from North Beach)
Chinatown, after having lunch
1999  Beijing v.s 2002 Chicago
Michigan Lake


Trip to NYC (Dec,2002):
Statue of Liberty
NYC Public Library
Times Square


Trip to Washington DC (Dec,2002)
Washington Monument
White House
Inside the Museum of Natural History


Trip to San Diego (Sigmod/WebDB 2003, June 2003)
La Jolla beach in a cloudy day    
La Jolla 2
Harbor Tour
Sea World, with Flamingo
Convention Center, with Lin Guo,co-author of XRank paper
Convention Center, with friends from UCLA,CalTech,and IBM Almaden


Trip to LA, Las Vegas (August 2003)
UCLA, with my friend Zijian@UCLA


Trip back to China (January 2004)
People's Square, Shanghai