Fabian Okeke | Research

Below is a list of a few projects I am working on or have worked on in the past.

Student LifeMaps (SLM)

Time management coaching tool for college students especially students at risk of dropping out of school due to extreme procrastination. SLM overlays an electronic calendar with time student spend at different locations. This information is combined with periodic meetings with a human coach to uncover habits of time use among college students.

Enjoying Social Interaction

Can we predict which conversations are enjoyable without hearing the words that are spoken? This project used a mobile app, My Social Ties to discover that, surprisingly, people enjoyed their conversations more when they spoke a smaller proportion of the time. Full paper.

VPN Architecture

More details soon.


Does co-location affect language mimicry among people sharing the same physical space? This project explored the evolution of language matching between workmates.

Small Data Encryption

This project combined concepts from Bolt system, CryptDB and Lifestreams DB in exploring how a user can visualize their personal data while preventing curious DB admins/researchers from gaining unauthorized access. With CryptDB, encrypted data was stored in a database so that only encrypted queries could be executed. Borrowing Bolt concepts, temporal data was stored in chunked format in order to reduce query overhead and increase storage space. Finally, Lifestreams formatted incoming raw data (location data, email) into SQL queries, which ran on CryptDB. The preliminary results showed example cases of successful data storage and visualization for the end user.