1. Fabian Muehlboeck

    In German: Fabian Mühlböck PhD candidate in Computer Science Cornell University - Department of Computer Science Office: Gates Hall 456 E-Mail: fabianm [preposition] cs.cornell.edu
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    I am interested in type systems and how to reduce the burden that they place on their users. Before coming to Cornell, I have been a Fulbright exchange student at Northeastern University, from which I received an M.S. degree in Computer Science. I received my BSc degree in Software & Information Engineering from the TU Wien (Austria).

    Currently, I am working with Ross Tate on gradual typing for object-oriented languages. We are trying to fix the issues that arise when combining gradual typing with other object-oriented language features, such as generics with type-argument inference or extension methods. We are also looking to improve the efficiency of sound implementations of gradual typing.

  2. Research

    Type Systems and Gradual Typing for Object-Oriented Languages

    I'm investigating how to integrate type system features of object-oriented languages with each other such that in the end we can have gradual typing for object-oriented languages that always does what a programmer would expect. Among other things, this means that programs that type-check and run without errors while fully statically annotated should also run without errors after all static type annotations are replace with dynamic ones.

    Binding Hygiene

    Paul Stansifer and Mitchell Wand developed a type system for reasoning about variable bindings. For my MS Thesis, I implemented a compiler of a higher-level macro language using the type system, providing some type inference and error explanations.

    Checking Binding Hygiene Statically (MS Thesis, Northeastern University, 2013) Advisor: Mitchell Wand Second Reader: Amal Ahmed Thesis
  3. Teaching

    Office Hours

    I'm not currently teaching anything

    Former Teaching

    Spring 2014TACS 2800Discrete StructuresCornell
    Fall 2013TACS 4120Introduction to CompilersCornell
    Fall 2012Head TACS 5010Program Design ParadigmsNortheastern
    Spring 2012TACS 5010Program Design ParadigmsNortheastern
    Winter 2010Tutor (~TA)E 185.162Object-Oriented ProgrammingTU Wien
    Summer 2010Tutor (~TA)E 185.179Logic ProgrammingTU Wien
    Winter 2009Tutor (~TA)E 185.162Object-Oriented ProgrammingTU Wien
    Winter 2009Tutor (~TA)E 185.179Logic ProgrammingTU Wien
  4. Other


    Colloquium Co-CzarFall 2013 - Spring 2018
    Desk CzarSummer 2014 - Fall 2018
    Czar CzarSummer 2015 - current
    PhD Visit Day Czar2014

    Other (Cornell) CS Activities

    Me time

    I spend most of my non-CS time playing board- and computer games that ideally are either about trust between players or building a large economy (or both). And I bake cakes.