Elizabeth A Ricci


Email: ericci{at}cs.cornell.edu

Twitter: @ElizabethARicci

Office: Gates 350

About Me

I am a second year PhD student in Computer Science at Cornell University. I am interested in developing tools that will enable robotic systems to be persistently autonomous. More specifically, how can we verify that an autonomous system, deployed in a unknown, dynamic environment, will be safe and complete its task?

I am a member of the Robotic Personal Assistants Lab and am advised by Professor Ross Knepper.

Teaching Experience

CS 4750: Foundations of Robotics, Head Teaching Assistant [Fall 2019]

CS 4750: Foundations of Robotics, Teaching Assistant [Fall 2018]

Workshop Papers

"A Bounded Suboptimal Environmental Monitoring Algorithm"
Elizabeth Ricci and Ross Knepper. Presented at the 2nd Workshop on Informative Path Planning and Adaptive Sampling at RSS, June 2019


October 2019: Attended the Grace Hopper Celebration.

June 2019: Presented by work on path planning for information gain at the 2nd Workshop on Informative Path Planning and Adaptive Sampling at RSS.

May 2019: Was elected as the Communications Chair of Graduate Women in Science Cornell. The mission of Graduate Women in Science at Cornell is to improve the lives of individuals in STEM fields, especially those who identify as women or gender minorities, and to make science available to everyone.

May 2019: Received an Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for my work in CS 4750 Foundations of Robotics.

May 2019: Volunteered for Math Discovery Workshops, lead by Professor Robert Strichartz. The workshops help students in grades 2 to 5 explore interesting mathematical thereoms and properties.

April 2019: Volunteered as a workshop leader for the Scratch lab workshop at Expanding Your Horizons. The workshop introduces basic programming concepts to 7th and 8th grade girls through the creative programming platform, Scratch.

April 2019: Attended CRA-W Grad Cohort for Women.

March 2019: Czar for Cornell Computer Science Visit Day.