Student 2
Sun, 25 Sep 94 16:45:39 EDT

If you try to evaluate cs-prerequisite-strategy, you
get a function labelled math-prerequisite-strategy or
vice versa (depending on which is evaluated first).
I'm not sure, but it seems that make-response-strategy
evaluates to the last function it was called by rather
than the function that is currently calling it. Why is
this happening?  Am I doing something wrong?  This has
also happened to some others but apparently not to
everyone.  If things remain as they are, I will be
unable to use both cs-prerequisite- strategy and
math-prerequisite-strategy, but will be able to either
one and complete the problem set in that way.  Does
this matter?  Help, someone please!!!


OfficialBUG WITH POWERMAC Professor Sun, 25 Sep 94 18:43:03 EDT