BUG IN ps3 SOURCE CODE????????

Student 1
Thu, 22 Sep 94 22:47:46 EDT

In answer to our own question, the only thing we
could think of is that the call to advisor at the
end of the flet within the make-advisor function
is not being called correctly.

We came to this conclusion after fooling around in the transcript window.  For instance we typed:
Betty %> cs-advisor
Similar to the aformentioned call for advisor at the end of the flet... It returned: 

#<FUNCTION cs-advisor ((<function> student) (<sentence> student-response) (<history> history))>

Which seems really similar to the error we were getting.

Are we correct in our conclusions, and if so how should the code read?!!

Refers to:

________Primitive Function returned from call to conference Student 1 Thu, 22 Sep 94 17:07:04 EDT