About Me


I'm a Full Stack Machine Learning Engineer

Creative and innovative with related education, practicum, and experience to contribute to long-term business objectives in software engineering and data scientist/machine learning engineering roles.


Freelance: Available

Degree: Bachelor's




Adobe Inc.

Dialog Systems, NLP, & ASR Research Intern

Updated unreleased application interface by integrating voice and gesture commands to manipulate 2-D photos on mobile devices.

Stanford University

Human-Computer Interaction Research Assistant

Developed an iOS application to interface with the DJI Spark drone for controlled flight via a PID control loop. Created virtual shopping experience in which the user interacted with the environment via a drone to simulate a real world experience.

Google Inc.

Google Engineering Practicum Intern

Employed Collectd to achieve continuous scalable logging. Integrated client library into continuous testing infrastructure and automated monitoring metrics database to analyze device performance.



Cornell University

Ph.D., Computer Science

Morehouse College

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Graduated Phi Betta Kappa and amongst the top 1% in the Department of Computer Science while maintaining active engagement within my community by being an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and serving as the Vice-President of the National Society of Black Engineers for over a year.


My Skills

I'm trained as a computer scientist with a strong interest in software engineering and applied mathematics.

My go-to programming language tends to be Python. My primary languages are C++, Python, and Julia. My development stack consist of the following when dealing with full stack application development.

  • Cloud Infrastructure: Digital Ocean
  • Web Server: Nginx
  • Databases: MongoDB & PostgreSQL
  • Web Application Framework: Express.js | Flask
  • Machine Learning API: Scikit-Learn
  • Frontend: Bootstrap

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