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ACL LACSS 2014: Accepted Submissions

Context-based Natural Language Processing for GIS-based Vague Region Visualization
  Wei Chen
Extracting Socioeconomic Patterns from the News: Modelling Text and Outlet Importance Jointly
  Vasileios Lampos, Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro, Sina Samangooei, Douwe Gelling and Trevor Cohn
Fact Checking: Task definition and dataset construction
  Andreas Vlachos and Sebastian Riedel
Finding Eyewitness Tweets During Crises
  Fred Morstatter, Nichola Lubold, Heather Pon-Barry, Jürgen Pfeffer and Huan Liu
Inducing Information Structures for Data-driven Text Analysis
  Andrew Salway, Samia Touileb and Endre Tvinnereim
Information density, Heaps’ Law, and perception of factiness in news
  Miriam Boon
Measuring the Public Accountability of New Modes of Governance
  Bruno Wueest, Gerold Schneider and Michael Amsler
Optimizing Features in Active Machine Learning for Complex Qualitative Content Analysis
  Jasy Suet Yan Liew, Nancy McCracken, Shichun Zhou and Kevin Crowston
Power of Confidence: How Poll Scores Impact Topic Dynamics in Political Debates
  Vinodkumar Prabhakaran, Ashima Arora and Owen Rambow
Predicting Fine-grained Social Roles with Selectional Preferences
  Charley Beller, Craig Harman and Benjamin Van Durme
Predicting Party Affiliations from European Parliament Debates
  Bjørn Høyland, Jean-François Godbout, Emanuele Lapponi and Erik Velldal
Temporal Analysis of Language through Neural Network Language Models
  Yoon Kim
Using Simple NLP Tools to Trace the Globalization of the Art World
  Mohamed AlTantawy, Alix Rule, Owen Rambow, Zhongyu Wang and Rupayan Basu

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