Caveat lector: This schedule is subject to change. Check frequently for the most up-to-date information.

DateRequired ReadingHomework Due (11:59 pm night before)
01/15/14Course introduction, Preface, Basics
01/22/14Induction, ListsHW1: Basics
01/29/14Poly, MoreCoqHW2: Induction, Lists
02/05/14Logic, PropHW3: Poly, MoreCoq
02/12/14MoreLogic, ProofObjects, MoreIndHW4: Logic, Prop
02/19/14No class (SEAS R&D Showcase)HW5: MoreLogic, ProofObjects, MoreInd
02/26/14Review of compilers; Imp part 1
03/05/14Imp part 2
03/12/14No class (spring break)
03/19/14Equiv (Katie)HW6: Imp
03/26/14Hoare (Rian)HW7: Equiv
04/02/14Hoare2, Smallstep (Brandon)HW8: Hoare
04/09/14Auto, Types part 1 (Yunfan)HW9: Hoare2, Smallstep
04/16/14Types part 2 (Yunfan), Stlc
04/23/14StlcProp, Course wrapupHW10: Auto, Types, Stlc
04/30/14No class (designated Monday)HW11: StlcProp