CS1112-211 Fall 2009
Discussion Sections: Tuesdays, 3:35-4:25PM, Upson B7 or Upson 211
CS1112-206 Fall 2009
Discussion Sections: Wednesdays, 1:25-2:15PM, Upson B7 or Thurston 205
CS1112-212 Fall 2009
Discussion Sections: Wednesdays, 3:35-4:25PM, Upson B7 or Upson 111

Staff Information

Section Leader: Chinawat Isradisaikul (Chin)
E-mail: chinawat@cs.cornell.edu


Office Hours

- Tuesdays 5-7PM, Upson 328B Bay D
- By appointment

Schedule / What We Have Done

Date What's Up?
Upson B7
Last Meeting
- Writing Efficient Code
- Project 7 Discussion
- Section Wrap-Up
Lab 14 Solution | LargestTriangle.m | Lab 14 PowerPoint
11/24-25/2009 Tuesday: Sections will be held in classrooms. No attendance will be taken.
Wednesday: No Meeting: Thanksgiving Break
Merge Sort
Section 13 Solution
Upson B7
Quiet Lab (because you will use headphones)
- Chimes and Gongs
Lab 12 Solution
struct: stuck and puzzled by triangles
Reminder: Second Prelim 11/10 7:30pm
Section 11 Solution
Upson B7
Cell Arrays
- Command Window: Type & Write (Part 3) - Cell Array vs Vector
- Shuffling Cards: 3 Different Ways
Pop Quiz Review
Lab 10 Solution | MyShuffle.m
Matrix: Interpolation
String: Reverse Complement
Pop Quiz
Section 9 Solution
Upson B7
Dealing with Matrices
- Contour Plotting
- Sudoku Solution Verifier
Lab 8 Solution
10/13-14/2009 Tuesday: No Meeting: Fall Break
Wednesday: Sections will be held in classrooms. No attendance will be taken.
- 2-Dimensional Array / Matrix
- Random Walks
Section 7 Solution | myDeterminant.m | findInMatrix.m | RWAnalyzer.m
Upson B7
Vectors and Arrays
- Command Window: Type & Write (Part 2) - Different Ways to Create Vectors
- Rolling Fair Dice
- Linear Search in Subarray
- Concatenating Arrays
Tester for Examining a subarray
Reminder: First Prelim 10/08 7:30pm
Lab 6 Solution
All about Functions
Reminder: Simulated First Prelim 09/30 7:30pm
Section 5 Solution
Upson B7
Pop Quiz Review
More Exercises on Loops
- Binomial Coefficients
- Fibonacci Numbers
Lab 4 Solution | P3.1.7 Solution | P3.2.7 Solution
Review of for and while
Loop Exercises
- Multiples of k up to 1000
- Pi Approximation
- The one-million-digit n!
Pop Quiz
Section 3 Solution
Upson B7
Introduction (once again!)
CMS Hello-Test (once again!)
Matlab Reminders
- rem function
- Case sensitivity
- Semicolons
Modifying a Program: Minimum of a quadratic
Fill in the Blank: Classifying Triangles
Programming Exercises
- When do 3 random sticks make a triangle (with positive area)?
- Determining the quadrant of an angle...
  • using four separate if-end constructs
  • using one if-elseif-else-end construct
  • using nested if-statements without elseif
Lab 2 Solution
Upson B7
First Meeting
- Introduction
- Course Website Navigation and CMS
- Fun with Matlab
  • Formatting
    • format short displays a number with (roughly) 5 decimal places
    • format long displays a number with (roughly) 15 decimal places
    • format compact does not print extra blank lines when displaying in the Command Window
    • format loose prints extra blank lines when displaying in the Command Window
- First Program in Matlab
- Reminder: Take the survey on CMS
Lab 1 Solution

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