Chinawat Isradisaikul

University of Pennsylvania

School: Engineering & Applied Science (Undergraduate)
Degree Program: Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Major: Computer Science & Engineering
Second Major: Mathematics

Degree Awarded
Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Summa Cum Laude

Tau Beta Pi
Dean's List 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08

Fall 2005
Course Professor
CSE240 Introduction to Computer Architecture E. Christopher Lewis
CSE260 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science Jean Gallier
Math114 Calculus, Part II David Galvin
Recitation Leader: Matthew Wiener
ASTR011 Introduction to Astrophysics I Bhuvnesh Jain
HSSC004 Classics of Science and Medicine
Freshman Seminar
Nathan Sivin
Spring 2006
Course Professor
CSE121 Programming Languages and Techniques II Val Tannen
CSE131 Programming Languages and Techniques II Lab (Mark Dredze)
Math240 Calculus, Part III Matthew Wiener
Recitation Leader: Peter Dalakov
ASTR012 Introduction to Astrophysics II Licia Verde
HSSC003 Technology and Society Fred Quivik
Recitation Leader: Chris Jones
ENGL011 Writing for International Students T. Mera Moore Lafferty
Fall 2006
Course Professor
CSE262 Automata, Computability, and Complexity Sudipto Guha
CSE331 Introduction to Networks and Security Steve Zdancewic
CSE380 Operating Systems Matt Blaze
CSE381 Operating Systems Lab (Eric Cronin)
(Gaurav Shah)
(Micah Sherr)
Math241 Calculus, Part IV Ron Donagi
Recitation Leader: Matthew Wiener
PSYC001 Introduction to Experimental Psychology Andrew J. Shatté
Spring 2007
Course Professor
CSE320 Introduction to Algorithms Sampath Kannan
CSE371 Digital System Organization and Design Amir Roth
CSE372 Digital System Organization and Design Lab Milo Martin
Math360 Advanced Calculus Florian Pop
Lab Leader: Chris Jankowski
Math370 Algebra Antonella Grassi
Lab Leader: Peter Dalakov
Econ001 Introductory Economics: Micro Uri Spiegel
Recitation Leader: Andrew Clausen
Fall 2007
Course Professor
CIS334 Advanced Topics in Algorithms Sampath Kannan
Math340 Discrete Mathematics I Jim Haglund
Math361 Advanced Calculus Erik van Erp
Lab Leader: Pilar Herreros
Math560 Selections from Geometry and Topology Eugenio Calabi
Econ002 Introductory Economics: Macro Gwen Eudey
Recitation Leader: Ed Herbst
Spring 2008
Course Professor
CIS112 Networked Life Michael Kearns
CIS398 Quantum Computer and Information Science
Benjamin Franklin Seminar
Max Mintz
Math341 Discrete Mathematics II Andre Scedrov
Math371 Algebra David Harbater
Lab Leader: Shuvra Gupta
Math425 Partial Differential Equations Dennis DeTurck
Fall 2008
Course Professor
CIS330 Design Principles of Information Systems Susan Davidson
CIS341 Compilers and Interpreters Steve Zdancewic
CIS400 Senior Project Insup Lee
Ling106 Introduction to Formal Linguistics Lance Nathan
Recitation Leader: Satoshi Nambu
Spring 2009
Course Professor
CIS401 Senior Project Insup Lee

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