Chen Wang

Chen Wang


Computer Science Department
Cornell University
322 Gates Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
Email: chenwang [at] cs [dot] cornell [dot] edu

About Me

I am a PhD student in the Computer Science Department at Cornell University, working with Professor Ramin Zabih. My research interest includes discrete optimization, algorithm analysis and their applications in computer vision. Before joining Cornell, I got my B.S. degree from the school of computer science, Fudan University, China. My CV is available here.


A Primal-Dual Algorithm for Higher-Order Multilabel Markov Random Fields, Alexander Fix, Chen Wang and Ramin Zabih, in CVPR 2014.

Human Identification Using Temporal Information Preserving Gait Template, Chen Wang, Junping Zhang, Liang Wang, Jian Pu and Xiaoru Yuan, in TPAMI, 34(11): 2164-2176, 2012.

Multiple HOG Templates for Gait Recognition, Yushu Liu, Junping Zhang, Chen Wang and Liang Wang, in ICPR 2012.

Extracting Search-Focused Key N-Grams for Relevance Ranking in Web Search, Chen Wang, Keping Bi, Yunhua Hu, Hang Li and Guihong Cao, in WSDM 2012.

Chrono-Gait Image: A Novel Temporal Template for Gait Recognition, Chen Wang, Junping Zhang, Liang Wang, Jian Pu and Xiaoru Yuan, in ECCV 2010.


Chrono-Gait Image, a spatial temporal information preserving gait template for gait recognition.

SoSPD, a primal dual algorithm for multi-label higher-order MRFs inference.

Fast MRF Inference, a new fast MRF inference algorithm.