In order to help you make sure there are no performance glitches in your code, I provide the following supplementary files:

  1. perf_check.m -- Test performance on a sparse test network. For use with the topology files glinks.txt and mathsci.txt. To use, first do "load foo.txt" then run "perf_check(foo)". The times for your routine should at most be about the time for one row and one column solve (i.e. the "time / solves" outputs should not exceed 1 by much).
  2. perf_check_dense.m -- Test performance on a medium-large dense test network.
  3. dense_test.m -- Generate dense test problems.
  4. glinks.txt.gz -- Compressed file describing the (unweighted) graph of hyperlinks between Google web pages.
  5. mathsci.txt.gz -- Compressed file describing the co-authorshipnetwork of papers indexed on MathSciNet.

Data sets were derived from test cases 2 and 3 at The reference papers are Palla et. al., New J Phys 10, 123026 (2008) for the MathSciNet data and and Palla et. al., New J Phys 9, 186 (2007) for the Google data.