CS 6756: Advanced Topics in Robotics: 3D Perception (2011)

See Fall 2013 offerng of CS6756.

Instructor: Ashutosh Saxena.
Tue, Thu: 1:30-2:30pm.
Upson 315.

This course focuses on learning techniques for 3D perception with inexpensive RGBD cameras such as Kinect that give 3D data in addition to an image. We will study machine-learning algorithms (such as graphical models, sampling-based inference methods, max-margin learning) for perceiving the environment, which includes performing object detection, semantic labeling of the environment and human activity recognition. Particular motivating examples include scene understanding, personal robotics, and self-operating cars.

Class webpage: http://www.cs.cornell.edu/~asaxena/cs6756/
Discussion, announcements: http://www.piazza.com/class#fall2011/cs6756/.


You should be a PhD student. Seniors and Masters students could take the course with prior instructor approval.
  1. Knowledge of machine learning (e.g., CS 4758/6758, CS 4780 or CS 6780).
  2. Knowledge of basic computer vision is recommended, but not necessary.
  3. Knowledge of ROS (Robot Operating System) and C++/Python or Matlab is recommended.


This is a research class. Students are expected to do a project with the professor on topics of mutual interest. (The project could be combined with research credits or graduate research with instructor permission, but not with another class.) Project proposal presentations (5-10 min long) on Sep 6 and 8. Project milestone presentations on Oct 13 and 18. Final project report due in mid December (no formal presentation requirement).


Every Tuesday lecture will consist of a 40 minute long talk by the instructor, which will be followed by discussion. The Thursday lecture will consist of a 30 minute long paper presentation by a student, followed by discussion.

List of papers/topics

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