coauth-MAG-History dataset
This is a temporal higher-order network dataset, which here means a sequence of timestamped simplices where each simplex is a set of nodes. In this dataset, nodes are authors and a simplex is a publication marked with the "History" tag in the Microsoft Academic Graph. Timestamps are the year of publication. The projected graph is a weighted undirected graph representing how many times each pair of nodes co-appears in a simplex. We restricted to simplices that consist of at most 25 nodes. Some basic statistics of this dataset are:
  • number of nodes: 1,014,734
  • number of timestamped simplices: 1,812,511
  • number of unique simplices: 895,668
  • number of edges in projected graph: 1,156,914
Data restricted to simplices with at most 25 nodes: Full data without restriction on simplex size: If you use this data, please cite the following papers:
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