TEKI is a generic installation toolkit specifically designed for TCL/TK application developers. It provides an integrated environment for creating an installation interface for any TCL/TK application extension and supports features like:-

Setup (.tek) File

The .tek file contains the install configuration information for the application to be installed. The information is represented in an easy to use declarative syntax.


NOTE: To install just unzip in a directory run teki.tcl in wish8.0 and source teki.tek. On UNIX systems use wish -f teki.tcl

You can associate .tek files with teki.tcl in Windows-NT as follows:

You can now try installing TCL-DP version 4.0 using MS-Internet Explorer and clicking on the following URL: http://www.cs.cornell.edu/zeno/projects/tcldp/test/dp.tek

Note: Only the example.tek file in the base directory,is in the new declarative format. The rest of the ".tek" files need to be changed to the declarative format before they can be used.

Download an example tek file (example.tek) - New Declarative Format



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