William Y. Arms

Miscellaneous Papers and Presentations

"Economic Models for Open Access." Presented to Professional and Scholarly Publishing, Association of American Publishers, February 2000. (PowerPoint slides

"Online Only: A Checklist for Publishers",  December, 1999.  (Text)

"Object Models, Overlay Journals, and Virtual Collections." Electronic Information and Communication Commission of the German Libraries, Jena,
Germany, March 1999. (PowerPoint slides)

"Using Technology to Manage Copyrighted Resources." Presented to the AAAS committee on Intellectual Property and Electronic Publishing in
Science and the Federal Library and Information Center Committee, March 1999. (PowerPoint slides)

"Building the SMETE Library: Getting Started." Opening address, National Science Foundation workshop, January 1999. (PowerPoint slides)

"Alternative Models of Scholarly Publishing." LAUC Conference on Alternative Models for Scholarly Publishing, University of California at Berkeley,
November 1998. (Transcript)

Last revised: February 17, 2000