Cornell Systems Lunch

CS 7490 Spring 2008
Friday 12PM, Upson 315

Paul Francis and Andrew Myers

Sponsored by the Information Assurance Institute (IAI),
Computing and Information Science, Cornell

The Systems Lunch is a seminar for discussing recent, interesting papers in the systems area, broadly defined to span operating systems, distributed systems, networking, architecture, databases, and programming languages. The goal is to foster technical discussions among the Cornell systems research community. We meet once a week on Fridays at noon in Upson 315.

The systems lunch is open to all Cornell Ph.D. students interested in systems. First-year graduate students are especially welcome. Non-Ph.D. students have to obtain permission from the instructor. Student participants are expected to sign up for CS 7490, Systems Research Seminar, for one credit.

To join the systems lunch mailing list please send an empty message to with the subject line "join". More detailed instructions can be found here.

Links to papers and abstracts below are unlikely to work outside the Cornell CS firewall. If you have trouble viewing them, this is the likely cause.

Date Paper Presenter
January 25 Evaluating SFI for a CISC architecture
Steven McCamant and Greg Morrisett (Harvard)
Usenix Security 2007
Mike George
February 1 Authorizing applications in Singularity
Ted Wobber, Aydan Yumerefendi, Martin Abadi, Andrew Birrell, Daniel R. Simon (Microsoft Research, Silicon Valley; Duke University)
Eurosys 2007
Tom Roeder
February 8 BubbleStorm: Resilient, probabilistic, and exhaustive peer-to-peer
Wesley W. Terpstra, Jussi Kangasharju, Christof Leng, Alejandro P. Buchmann (TUD)
Bernard Wong
February 15 Systems innovation at Google
Brian Bershad
Brian Bershad, Google
February 22 A parameter-free load balancing mechanism for P2P networks
Tyler Steele, Vivek Vishnumurthy and Paul Francis
IPTPS 2008
Quasar: A probabilistic publish-subscribe system for social networks
Bernard Wong, Saikat Guha
IPTPS 2008
Tyler Steele and Saikat Guha
February 29 Structured streams: a new transport abstraction
Bryan Ford (MIT)
Yao Yue
March 7 Scalable Publish/Subscribe in Very Large Distributed Systems
Gregory Chockler
Gregory Chockler, IBM Haifa Research Lab
March 14 Anomaly Characterization and Analysis for Complex Systems
Kai Shen
Kai Shen
U. Rochester
March 21 Spring Break, no meeting.
March 28 The geometry of innocent flesh on the bone: return-into-libc without function calls (on the x86)
Hovav Shacham
CCS 07
Xin Qi
April 4 Maelstrom: Transparent error correction for lambda networks
Mahesh Balakrishnan, Tudor Marian, Ken Birman, Hakim Weatherspoon, Einar Vollset
NSDI 2008
Mahesh Balakrishnan
April 11 jPredictor: A Predictive Runtime Analysis Tool for Java
Feng Chen, Traian Florin Serbanuta, Grigore Rosu
Steve Chong
April 18 Events Can Make Sense
Maxwell Krohn, Eddie Kohler and M. Frans Kaashoek
Michael Siegenthaler
April 25 ForceHTTPS: Protecting High-Security Web Sites from Network Attacks
Collin Jackson and Adam Barth (Stanford)
Lakshmi Ganesh
May 2 Civitas: toward a secure voting system
Michael R. Clarkson, Stephen Chong, and Andrew C. Myers
IEEE Security and Privacy (Oakland) 08
Michael Clarkson
May 9 Securing and Understanding the Internet
Rob Sherwood
Rob Sherwood, U. Maryland