Cornell Systems Lunch

CS 7490 Fall 2007
Friday 12PM, Upson 315

Andrew Myers and Paul Francis

Sponsored by the Information Assurance Institute (IAI),
Computing and Information Science, Cornell

The Systems Lunch is a seminar for discussing recent, interesting papers in the systems area, broadly defined to span operating systems, distributed systems, networking, architecture, databases, and programming languages. The goal is to foster technical discussions among the Cornell systems research community. We meet once a week on Fridays at noon in Upson 315.

The systems lunch is open to all Cornell Ph.D. students interested in systems. First-year graduate students are especially welcome. Non-Ph.D. students have to obtain permission from the instructor. Student participants are expected to sign up for CS 7490, Systems Research Seminar, for one credit.

To join the systems lunch mailing list please send an empty message to with the subject line "join". More detailed instructions can be found here.

Links to papers and abstracts below are unlikely to work outside the Cornell CS firewall. If you have trouble viewing them, this is the likely cause.

Date Paper Presenter
August 24 An end-middle-end approach to connection establishment
Saikat Guha, Paul Francis (Cornell)
To appear, SIGCOMM 07
Saikat Guha
August 31 Integrating concurrency control and energy management in device drivers
Kevin Klues, Vlado Handziski, Chenyang Lu, Adam Wolisz, David Culler, David Gay, and Philip Levis (Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Washington University in St. Louis, Technical University of Berlin, Intel Research Berkeley, Arch Rock Co.)
To appear, SOSP 07
Lakshmi Ganesh

Brown bag lunch: only dessert will be served
September 7 Protection and communication abstractions for web browsers in MashupOS
Helen J. Wang, Xiaofeng Fan, Jon Howell, and Collin Jackson (Microsoft Research, Stanford University)
To appear, SOSP 07
Xin Zheng
September 14 AutoBash: Improving configuration management with operating system causality analysis
Ya-Yunn Su, Mona Attariyan, and Jason Flinn (University of Michigan)
To appear, SOSP 07
Lonnie Princehouse

Brown bag lunch: only dessert will be served
September 21 Dynamo: Amazon's highly available key-value store
Guiseppe DeCandia, Deniz Hastorun, Madan Jampani, Gunavardhan Kakulapati, Avinash Lakshman, Alex Pilchin, Swami Sivasubramanian, Peter Vosshall, and Werner Vogels (
To appear, SOSP 07
Maya Haridasan
September 28 A clean slate design of a large-scale network
Sandy Fraser (Fraser Research)
Sandy Fraser (visitor)
October 5 Secure web applications via automatic partitioning
Stephen Chong, Jed Liu, Andrew C. Myers, Xin Qi, K. Vikram, Lantian Zheng, and Xin Zheng (Cornell University)
SOSP 2007
K. Vikram
October 12 Attested append-only memory: making adversaries stick to their word
Byung-Gon Chun, Petros Maniatis, Scott Shenker, and John Kubiatowicz (UC Berkeley; Intel Research, Berkeley)
SOSP 2007
Alan Shieh
October 19 Ethane: Taking Control of the Enterprise
Martin Casado (Stanford), Michael Freedman (NYU), Justin Pettit, Nick McKeown (Stanford), Scott Shenker (UC Berkeley)
Ryan Peterson
October 26 Physical Simulation for Animation and Visual Effects: Parallelization and Characterization for Chip Multiprocessors
Christopher J. Hughes, Intel; Radek Grzeszczuk, Nokia Labs; Eftychios Sifakis, Stanford University; Daehyun Kim, Sanjeev Kumar, Intel; Andrew P. Selle, Stanford University; Jatin Chhugani, Matthew Holliman, Yen-Kuang Chen, Intel
Rob Karmazin
November 2 Adventures in extensibility: Of languages and compilers
Robert Grimm (NYU)
Robert Grimm (visitor)
November 9 Sinfonia: a new paradigm for building scalable distributed systems
Marcos K. Aguilera (HP Labs), Arif Merchant (HP Labs), Mehul Shah (HP Labs), Alistair Veitch (HP Labs), and Christos Karamanolis (VMWare)
Mahesh Balakrishnan
November 16 MetaTM/TxLinux: Transactional memory for an operating system
Hany E. Ramadan, Christopher J. Rossbach, Donald E. Porter, Owen S. Hofmann, Aditya Bhandari, Emmett Witchel (University of Texas at Austin)
ISCA 2007
Paula Petrica
November 23 Thanksgiving, no meeting.
November 30 Alpaca: extensible authorization for distributed services
Chris Lesniewski-Laas, Bryan Ford, Jacob Strauss, Robert Morris, and M. Frans Kaashoek (MIT)
ACM CCS 2007
Kevin Walsh