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Only the single favorite choice will win the poll.
The poll ends at some point. The poll supervisor is Andrew Myers ( Contact the poll supervisor if you need help.

Give each of the following choices a rank, where a smaller-numbered rank means that you prefer that choice more. For example, give your top choice the rank 1. Give choices the same rank if you have no preference between them. You do not have to use all the possible ranks. All choices initially have the lowest possible rank.

 Choice Rank
Tie votes to something other than IP address for those with NAT (network address translation) addresses.
Allow voter to check and revise vote (until vote is closed).
add Hypatia as a competing journal for vote (write-in)
Submit elections where individuals vote a variable number of shares, rather than just a single vote. The administrator assigns the number of shares for each voter, based on the shares they own. (write-in)
Support IRV elections
Make current results visible even before a poll is closed, even for private polls.
allow the poll supervisor to edit features of the poll such as who can see the results (write-in)
Support Schulze STV and Schulze Proportional Ranking Method (write-in)
No opinion should be assumed for pre-write-in opinions.
Add support for STV multiple winner: Schulze, CPO, Meek, Warren (write-in)
Election supervisor-defined text field for the beginning of system mail subject line.
Poll option to have an acceptability threshold pseudo-choice. (write-in)
Support pairwise comparison of the alternatives, so as not to confuse voters when there are many alternatives.
Dont use Ip addresses to identify voters.. there are about 20 of us here and it said our vote was already done...only one person voted. (write-in)
Strengthen security mechanisms
Strengthen privacy mechanisms
Support electing last uneliminated Scwartz set member in IRV. (write-in)
Allow option to display ballots and voter receipt instead of voter email.
reading Frederick Douglass (write-in)
Add links to the candidates in the GA vote. (write-in)
Allow write-in entries to be case-sensitive (good for voting on branding) (write-in)
Support Approval with votes optionally conditional upon recipient having more unconditional votes than any of your unconditionally approved candidates (write-in)
Allow to submit weights for each voter, eg by integer number after voter's email (write-in)
Improve performance of computing poll results
Improve the user interface for voting
Add option to re-send ballots ONLY to non-voters, to avoid spamming those who already voted! (write-in)
Allow for the creation of "voting tickets" on paper with url and qr-code for quick voting by mobile on-site (write-in)
Allow for voter signature.
Support comparison with Simple Majority vote (write-in)
Support Range Voting.
Support sending results by email through the system.
Add a "DESTDIR" var to the install script for ease of distribution package creation
Integrate with a good survey/polling system (write-in)
Allow multiple questions per poll
Emmanuel Levinas (write-in)
Make reported poll results more understandable
When adding a write-in, don't throw away my rankings so far (write-in)
Allow polls that can be repeated (e.g., for daily restaurant choice)
Switch to "radio buttons" when poll has only two choices (write-in)
Add "Edit" and "Remove" option to write-in added choices both for admin and creator. (write-in)
Optionally encrypt candidate names to protect against server operator
Allow option to reveal list of people who voted, but without their ballots.
Support more Condorcet completion algorithms
Support languages other than English
Make voting ranks say "1st choice", "2nd choice", ..., "nth choice" instead of 1, 2, 3,..., n
Redo the look of the site.
When voting, Cmd+click to select multiple or Shift+click to select a range (write-in)
Allow the administrator to choose the poll language (write-in)
Show times with local timezone in election results.
Make results universally verifiable
(Do nothing ranked below this point)
Allow linked ballots: choosing a particular option on a ballot causes a conflicting response on a linked ballot to be reported or fixed.
Support Alternative Schwartz and Alternative Smith (IRV on these sets) (write-in)
Take into account a normalised proportional system which does not make any individual's 1st choice more important than another individual's 1st choice (write-in)
Automatic time-based closing of polls.
Allow option to only accept ballots with a strict complete ordering. (write-in)

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