Which improvements in high school public education should have the most priority for government funding next year? Rank 1 (most priority) to 5 (least priority), and please do not leave any ties!:

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Give each of the following choices a rank, where a smaller-numbered rank means that you prefer that choice more. For example, give your top choice the rank 1. Give choices the same rank if you have no preference between them. You do not have to use all the possible ranks. All choices initially have the lowest possible rank.

Ballot reporting is enabled for this poll. Your ballot (the rankings you assign to choices) will be visible in the poll results when the poll ends. However, your ballot will still be anonymous: no personally identifying information will appear.

 Choice Rank
Healthier foods served in cafeterias
Further integration of technology in the classroom
Expansion of bullying education programs
Easier access to mental health resources for students
More career-focused classes ("practical" education)

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