Supervisor: Elizabeth Krumbach <>
Announced end of poll: 2012-06-21
Actual time poll closed:
Private poll (117 authorized voters)
Actual votes cast: 48
Number of winning choices:
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CIVS Ranked Pairs

Poll description

This poll is to determine the views of Ubuntu IRC Members on candidate for the additional spot on the IRC Council.


1. Jussi Kekkonen (tm_t) (wiki, launchpad)  (Condorcet winner: wins contests with all other choices)
2. Cheri Francis (cheri703) (wiki, launchpad)  loses to Jussi Kekkonen (tm_t) (wiki, launchpad) by 28–14
3. Achim Behrens (k1l) (wiki, launchpad)  loses to Jussi Kekkonen (tm_t) (wiki, launchpad) by 33–11, loses to Cheri Francis (cheri703) (wiki, launchpad) by 18–17
4. José Antonio Rey (JoseeAntonioR) (wiki, launchpad)  loses to Jussi Kekkonen (tm_t) (wiki, launchpad) by 30–11, loses to Achim Behrens (k1l) (wiki, launchpad) by 19–14

For simplicity, some details of the poll result are not shown.  

Result details

1. Jussi Kekkonen (tm_t) (wiki, launchpad)   -28 33 30
2. Cheri Francis (cheri703) (wiki, launchpad)   14 -18 21
3. Achim Behrens (k1l) (wiki, launchpad)   11 17 -19
4. José Antonio Rey (JoseeAntonioR) (wiki, launchpad)   11 12 14 -

Ballot reporting was not enabled for this poll.

The following matrix shows the strength of the strongest beatpath connecting each pair of choices. Choice 1 is ranked above choice 2 if there is a stronger beatpath leading from 1 to 2 than any leading from 2 to 1.
1. Jussi Kekkonen (tm_t) (wiki, launchpad)   -28–14 33–11 30–11
2. Cheri Francis (cheri703) (wiki, launchpad)   . -18–17 21–12
3. Achim Behrens (k1l) (wiki, launchpad)   . . -19–14
4. José Antonio Rey (JoseeAntonioR) (wiki, launchpad)   . . . -