WELCOME to web8.cs.cornell.edu
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 4, Apache v2

For more details regarding this server, visit our web8 information page on the CFS Support Site.

Using Executables on web8:

To access your files from our department unix/linux servers (setup via amd):
     cd /cucs/web/w8/[username]

To access your files from windows:

To access your files from a browser:


In order to have your web8 page(s) viewed without the 'w8' in the http address, you need to create your own redirect in your windows 'myweb' directory. Our default department webserver is the windows IIS server.

To access your files from within your code, use the following path:

NOTE: You cannot login to web8 directly. You must access your pages via the methods above.

NOTE: When the web site is accessed through www.cs.cornell.edu/w8, the apparent IP address will always be web1.cs.cornell.edu. The real client address is available in the HTTP_IPREMOTEADDR field in the HTTP request header.

Please submit a ticket for further requests for functionality of this site (including a mysql database creation).