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Fall 2001  - Instructor

Java Practicum
CS 212 - 1 Credit project course 

A 1 credit project course required for CS majors, intended to be taken concurrently with CS211, Computers and Programming. During the Fall 2001 semester it had an enrollment of about 60 student. This project course introduces the student to the ways of software engineering using the Java programming language. The course requires the design and implementation of several large programs.

Fall 1998 - Teaching Assistant

Semantics of Programming Language
CS 611 - 3 Credit, graduate course

A core graduate course covering the semantics of programming languages, including the principles of formal notation for describing computations, and tools for analyzing and proving properties of computations. 

Fall 1997 - Instructor

C++ Programming
CS 213
- 2 Credits S/U
(co-taught with Tugkan Batu)

2 credit, pass/fail course, with an enrollment of about 50 students. This was a semester long C++ course for students who already knew how to program in C or Pascal. Tugkan and I collaborated to design this course; we alternated preparing and giving the lectures and preparation of the assignments, working together to develop the final project. 

Spring 1997 - Instructor

A Taste of UNIX and C
CS 214 - 1 Credit S/U, 4 weeks

1 credit, pass/fail, 4 week course, with an enrollment of about 20 students. The lectures demonstrated various development tools in the UNIX operating system, and the course grade was determined by a small project written in the C programming language.