JKernel & JServer

The J-Kernel is a portable, Java-based system that extends the underlying Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to provide multiple protection domains as well as well-defined communication channels between the domains.

The J-Server uses the J-Kernel to extend Microsoft's web server (IIS) to allow users to upload Java code (called servlets) that services HTTP requests. This allows arbitrary user to build web sites that contain dynamic content, i.e., where code is run in order to service requests.



The J-Kernel research project is supported by DARPA ITO Contract ONR-N00014-92-J1866,   NSF Contract CDA-9024600, NSF Career award 9702755,  NSF Contract IIS-9812020,  and Intel Hardware Donations. More complete grant information is available at http://www.cornell.edu/tve/grants.html

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