Supplemental material for Simulating the structure and texture of solid wood

Albert Julius Liu Zhao Dong Miloš Hašan Steve Marschner
Cornell University Autodesk, Inc. Autodesk, Inc. Cornell University

Table with mixed woods

Direct download (4.3 MB): wooden_table.mp4

Table by Matthew Crossley. Microscope by Gary Butcher. Knife by Charles Haughey.

Rendered curly maple with orbiting light source

Direct download (2.6 MB): curly_maple.mp4

Parameter tuning process

Direct download (16.1 MB): tuning.mp4


Videos of the four distortions of Figure 16 of the paper can be found in this subpage.

Example renderings of the four combinations of displacement in the $r$ versus $\theta$ directions, and placing the input texture on the radial plane versus on the Archimedean spiral. The rendered cut is tangential on the left side and near-radial on the right side. Figure is exaggerated and other features are simplified for exposition.

Figured maple

Rendered examples of curly and quilted maple can be found in this subpage.

Autodesk Fusion 360 Gallery

More examples of solid wood can be found in the Autodesk Fusion 360 Gallery. Note however that the gallery contains a mixture of wood rendered using our method and wood rendered using conventional 2D textures from photographs. Our solid wood texture is of course available in Fusion 360 itself.