PLDI 2014 tutorial: Polyglot Extensible Compiler Framework

12 June 2014


Polyglot is a highly extensible compiler front-end for the Java programming language. Over the last 10 years, many researchers have used Polyglot to develop Java language extensions. Polyglot has recently been extended to support modern Java features such as generics and annotations. The Accrue interprocedural analysis framework has been developed as a plug-in to Polyglot. The Accrue framework simplifies implementation of interprocedural analyses of programs written using Java or Java language extensions.

Tutorial participants will learn how to use Polyglot to effectively create Java language extensions, and how to use Accrue to create analyses for programs in Java or Java language extensions. Specifically, we will cover:

Tutorial format

The format for this one-day tutorial held as part of PLDI 2014 is as follows: