Class FwdReferenceChecker

  extended by polyglot.visit.NodeVisitor
      extended by polyglot.visit.HaltingVisitor
          extended by polyglot.visit.ErrorHandlingVisitor
              extended by polyglot.visit.ContextVisitor
                  extended by polyglot.visit.FwdReferenceChecker
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, Copy

public class FwdReferenceChecker
extends ContextVisitor

Visitor which ensures that field intializers and initializers do not make illegal forward references to fields. This is an implementation of the rules of the Java Language Spec, 2nd Edition, Section

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class polyglot.visit.ContextVisitor
context, outer
Fields inherited from class polyglot.visit.ErrorHandlingVisitor
error, job, nf, ts
Constructor Summary
FwdReferenceChecker(Job job, TypeSystem ts, NodeFactory nf)
Method Summary
protected  NodeVisitor enterCall(Node n)
Methods inherited from class polyglot.visit.ContextVisitor
addDecls, begin, context, context, enter, enterScope, leave, superEnter
Methods inherited from class polyglot.visit.ErrorHandlingVisitor
catchErrors, enterCall, enterError, errorQueue, job, leaveCall, leaveCall, nodeFactory, typeSystem
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bypass, bypass, bypassChildren, copy, override, visitChildren
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enter, finish, finish, leave, override, toString, visitEdge
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Constructor Detail


public FwdReferenceChecker(Job job,
                           TypeSystem ts,
                           NodeFactory nf)
Method Detail


protected NodeVisitor enterCall(Node n)
                         throws SemanticException
enterCall in class ErrorHandlingVisitor