Interface Named

All Superinterfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, Copy, java.io.Serializable, TypeObject
All Known Subinterfaces:
ClassType, CofferClassType, CofferParsedClassType, CofferSubstType, Importable, MuPClass, Package, ParsedClassType, PClass, PrimitiveType, UnknownPackage
All Known Implementing Classes:
ClassType_c, CofferParsedClassType_c, CofferSubstClassType_c, MuPClass_c, Package_c, PaoParsedClassType_c, PaoPrimitiveType_c, ParsedClassType_c, PClass_c, PrimitiveType_c, SubstClassType_c, UnknownPackage_c

public interface Named
extends TypeObject

A Named is a TypeObject that is named.

Method Summary
 java.lang.String fullName()
          Full dotted-name of the type object.
 java.lang.String name()
          Simple name of the type object.
Methods inherited from interface polyglot.types.TypeObject
equalsImpl, isCanonical, position, typeSystem
Methods inherited from interface polyglot.util.Copy

Method Detail


java.lang.String name()
Simple name of the type object. Anonymous classes do not have names.


java.lang.String fullName()
Full dotted-name of the type object. For a package, top level class, top level interface, or primitive type, this is the fully qualified name. For a member class or interface that is directly enclosed in a class or interface with a fully qualified name, then this is the fully qualified name of the member class or interface. For local and anonymous classes, this method returns a string that is not the fully qualified name (as these classes do not have fully qualified names), but that may be suitable for debugging or error messages.