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LADIS 2008

Sept. 15-17


The workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners in the fields of distributed systems and middleware. The workshop's goal is to promote the exchange of ideas about hot topics in large-scale distributed systems, including:

  • Management infrastructure tools (examples would include Chubby, Paxos, Group Membership Services, Distributed Registries, Boxwood, etc).,

  • Scalable data sharing and event notification (examples include Pub-Sub platforms, Multicast, Group Communication, Shared DSM solutions like Sinfonia, etc)

  • Network-Level and other resource-managed technologies (Virtualization and Consolidation, Resource Allocation, Load Balancing, Resource Placement, Routing, Scheduling, etc)

  • Aggregation, Monitoring (Astrolabe, SDIMS, Tivoli, Reputation,...)

Particular attention will be given to challenges arising in these systems, such as fault-tolerance, security, scalability, spanning multiple administrative domains, and building middleware services.