Deadline for Tasks 2-4 submissions is July 21, 23:59pm EST.

Instructions for Submission

  1. Check the task description for the specified output file format. One thing to watch is that the paper-ids should be printed in full and NOT truncated, e.g. '0004001' instead of '4001'.
  2. Prepare a README file with the contact information for everyone in the group.
  3. Zip (or tar gzip) the two files into one archive. The archive should be named with the lead contact's email address. For example, '' is a possible filename.
  4. FTP to and use 'anonymous' as your login. Switch to binary mode for upload. Change directory to '/incoming/KDDCup'.
  5. Change directory to 'task2', 'task3', or 'task4' depending on your submission. Upload your file to the correct directory. Note that you only have write access. You cannot list the contents of the submission directories.
  6. Send an email to with the contact info from the README and the name of the file archive that was uploaded.
  7. If you need to upload another version, append a version id to the end of the filename (e.g. ''). It is not necessary to send another email. We will use the last submitted version for evaluation.