IV. Open Task


Contestants will be given the LaTeX sources of all papers in the hep-th portion of the arXiv on April 6, and the citation graph of the hep-th portion of the arXiv on that date.

For this ``open task,'' the goal is to define as interesting a question as possible to ask on the data, and then to show the result of mining the data for the answer. The question addressed could be based on identifying an interesting structure, trend, or relationship in the data; posing further predictive tasks for the data; evaluating the performance of a novel algorithm on the data; or any of a number of other activities.

The results should be written up in the KDD submission format, using at most 10 pages. The write-up should cite and discuss relevant prior work. A committee of judges will select the winning entry, based on novelty, soundness of methods and evaluation, and relevance to the arXiv dataset.


Submissions must be received by July 21, 2003.