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Games Showcase

The GDIAC Games Showcase is held annually at the end of the school year during finals week. This showcase consists of student games made for CS/INFO 3152, CS/INFO 4152 and independent study projects. The showcase is always open the public.

The showcase is not just an exhibit; it also serves as the final exams for the students involved. Vistors are encouraged to actively play the games, and audience reaction is a factor in the student's final grades. An award ceremony at the end recognizes both the most popular, and the most innovative, games made that year.

After the showcase many (but not all) of the games are made available in the gallery.

2014 Games Showcase

This year's games showcase will be held in Carpenter Hall (the former Engineering Library) on Friday, May 16 from 4-7pm. The showcase will conclude with award ceremony at 6:45pm. Vistors should enter Carpenter Hall from the Campus Road entrance; there will be signs giving directions to the various games.

The following is a partial list of the games currently registered to be at Showcase.

[First Floor] [Second Floor]

Game Description Course
Beck and Chuck An action platformer in which you control Beck as she infiltrates a top secret installation with her sentient weapon Chuck. 3152
Black Friday A frantic action game in which you must complete your shopping list in time while braving the crowds at the Mall on Black Friday. 3152
Burrow An action/stealth game in which you are bunny protecting your burrow from the encroaching horde of mice and rats. 3152
Dash A fast-paced action game in which you, a warrior bird, must dash through your enemies to stay airborne. 3152
Defiant Planet A survival/real-time-strategy game in which you have to defend your side against the ravages of Mother Nature. 3152
Draco's Descendants A racing game in which you maneuver dragons in space, trying to avoid obstacles and gravitational effects. 3152
Hunted: The Bermuda Beast A stealth game in which you are a beast of the Bermuda Triangle, trying to keep yourself fed without attracting too much attention. 3152
Pathogenesis An action/strategy game in which you try to infect organs of the body before the immune system fights back. 3152
Phorcydean Depths An action game where you control a steam-powered submarine in the dangerous arctic depths. 3152
Ribbons A puzzle platformer in which you control a magic seamstress who can manipulate the environment around her. 3152
Short Circuit A puzzle/action platformer in which you control a robot that forgets its actions as soon as it performs them. 3152
ZEP An action platformer in which you are a flightless dragon that uses a balloon to fly. 3152
Affinity A multiplayer, turn-based strategy game for Android, in which units draw forth elemental powers from the surrounding terrain. 4152
Aquila An action/puzzle game for iOS, in which you must slash your way through elemental creatures to escape a wizard's castle. 4152
Beam A sliding puzzle game for the Android, in which you must avoid lasers and other hazards that would destroy your pieces. 4152
Bunny-In-A-Box A physics platformer for the iOS, in which you help a jack-in-the-box bunny make its way through a toy factory by placing and moving platforms. 4152
Flick-Ship Spaceship A multiplayer action game for the iOS in which you flick asteriods away from your spaceship and towards your opponent. 4152
Oblivious A fast-paced flicking game for iOS, in which you must protect a house from meteors and demonic spiders during the Apocalypse. 4152
Over the Arctic Hills A fast-paced puzzle game for the Android, in which you must roll snowballs to break down barriers and guide your snowman to safety. 4152
Symbiont An action game for the Android, in which you bounce a creature off your fingers to send it higher and higher into the trees. 4152
Cellvival! An educational game created for the Veterinary school where you evolve a Tetrahymena to survive in harsh environments. Ind. Study